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REVIEW: Creature Carnival brings out the weird of Colorado’s front range!

Making your way through the groups of animal hoodies and late Halloween costume, everyone was flying their freak-flag as Beats Antique’s Creature Carnival made its way to Broomfield, CO.

Once inside The 1st Bank Center, attendees were treated to circus-like creatures as well as some fun activities while you waited for the show to begin. Fans could make very own creature carnival mask.

The stage was rigged up with lights hanging from the ceiling, and was completed by a freak-show-looking stage set up. It was clear to everyone that the carnival was in town.

First up was Lafa Taylor, who was also the nights “hype-man,” mixing in classic hip-hop with modern electronic beats. He ended his set with a very cool song using a mini phase synthesizer.


Since touring with his live band, Emancipator has taken most of his pre-made drum beats and replaced them with samples of his actual band. This created an organic feel to the performance. Then Shpongle hit the stage with his worldly experimental sound, ranging anywhere from modern electro tech-house to South American jungle beats with chanting in the background. Every time I see these two artists it seems like they have progressed so much in their sound in such a short time, and I can’t wait to see what comes in the future from them both.


Beats Antique hit the stage and boy do they know how to make an entrance! Almost immediately the room was filled with rainbow colors as cheerleaders and a marching band section take over the stage. It almost felt like the “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite” scene from The Beatles movie Across the Universe. As a special treat, Ilya Goldberg of Emancipator joined Beats Antique for a track.

The entire experience seemed surreal. Every act was switched out in 5 minutes, making it feel like a circus that never stopped. Everyone in attendance was having such a great time, getting lost in translation between the music and lights. It just all seemed to come and go so quickly, next thing you know as quickly as you entered you were being ushered out of the venue.

Beats Antique created a one-night spectacle that they are taking over the entire country! Make sure to catch the Creature Carnival when it comes your way!


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