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REVIEW: Michal Menert Big Band leaves me speechless


Last Friday night Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium hosted a the smooth electro funk of Michal Menert Big Band. Bringing along Orchard Lounge and Exmag making it a baby-making groove fest.

Exmag and Orchard Lounge kept the room moving while the warehouse venue slowly started to fill. One by one nearly every space available was being taken.

When the lights dimmed for the last time, and a mob of musicians rushed the stage. After about 15 people got into their respected positions, a hat with long hair and a beard emerges from the fog as Michal Menert takes his position front and center in this ensemble of musicians. I had no idea what to expect from this point. With a huge smile and a count off, Michal starts the show.


“Today from space,” samples over the speakers and in an instant the band comes alive! Mo-Town style horns burst accompanied by two drummers, two violin players, a cello player, a percussionist, an electric percussionist, a keyboard/organ player, three back-up singers, two guitarists, and two scratch players. It was ridiculous, in the best kind of way. There were so many different styles being thrown at you at once, but your bodies’ only response was to get down.

The night really topped off for me when Menert played the track “Happiness (Troubled Faces)” by Pretty Lights. (Track was originally produced with Menert on the Pretty Lights album Taking Up Your Precious Time)


All in all the Michal Menert Big Band blew me away. I went to the show not truthfully knowing what to expect or what it would sound like and all night all I could do was groove to the wonderful music being preformed. This is not a show to miss if it comes to your town or a festival near you!

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