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Rob Garza blends Thievery Corp. vibes with nu-disco, deep house, trance on Remixes LP

Rob Garza’s new Mini Mix of his Remixes LP  (don’t get overwhelmed by the meta-mixiness of it all) is a groovy and intriguing sail through musical genres ranging from Afro-Peruvian beats to ambient dancehall and back again, with a bunch of funky pit stops in between.  There’s a little something for everyone here;  Gogol Bordello to keep you feeling giddy, a respectful throwback to Blondie’s classic hit “Heart of Glass,” and some latin-influenced booty shakin’ tunes by Novalima in “Festejo.”   Without your permission, Garza’s mix expertly creates a series of vibes for you to ride along, an ebb and flow of chill, carefree and upbeat compositions.

Use it as a backdrop for all your summer shenanigans, whether it be a spontaneous road trip to a music festival or a casual salsa-dancing patio soirée on a hot night.  From the very first hypnotic beat of Sunwolf’s “Cherry Crush,” Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation delivers like a champ.  Clink your glass to that and take a listen!


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