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SHOW REVIEW: Gramatik at Orlando’s House of Blues


I walked in to the House of Blues last night and was greeted with five dudes on stage churning out some soulful beats. Gramatik, lesser known as Denis Jasarevic, was on stage, so was his guitarist. I later learned that the two aforementioned musicians join up with their other three room mates as a part of the project that is both fun to watch and listen to. The five-piece, beat-making ensemble laid down the funky grooves, including “Tilt Mode” and their “No Diggity” remix, for about an hour before Coyote Kisses took the stage. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Gramatik 2013

Coyote Kisses was alright. I like how they managed to keep the genres fresh, starting out with a little Flume before smoothly and slowly transcending in to some hyphy trap beats. The Florida duo definitely did the dancefloor justice as they warmed up an insanely cold House of Blues.

(Note: cold as in temperature…vibes were great but it actually may have been below 60 degrees in this venue…not even kidding)


Gramatik sure has come a long way since, as one of my friends reminded me, he was playing on a picnic bench at the Bear Creek silent disco just a couple years ago. Denis and his guitarist Eric Mendelson ripped through an easy hour and a half as the house of blues jammed out. Starting with his bluesy, hip-hop instrumentals before getting in to some electro-funk, mindfully dropping his Grizmatik selections and ending with some dubstep.

The encore consisted of the Exmag dudes coming back out and jamming one last time. The crowd was amped up as the extra energy  was brought by the additional bodies on stage.


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