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SHOW REVIEW: Here Come the Mummies in Orlando

here come the mummies

Soooo this happened in Orlando Friday night. I wasn’t too sure what to think going in to this show. I had heard Here Come the Mummies were a really good act from a few different people. It looks cool on paper (Mummies + Funk = Awesome) and the YouTube videos sounded pretty sweet too.

So when we parked our car and saw a whole bunch of grown men dressed up like mummies warming up in the parking lot behind the venue, I started cracking up. I mean, who wouldn’t? Then these guys march in, through the front door, and up on to the stage. It was clear this was going to me the epitome of a performance.

The 8-piece band came out with blistering energy and slowly moved each and every individual before ending with a final blast of mummy funk. I can’t even pretend like I know any of their songs, but they were often sexual in nature which really added to the fun. Sexy mummy songs = A-OK in my book.


At one point there was a tricycle on stage, at another point there was a gorilla. This gorilla actually had a harness that he wore like a diaper. Each time he would hump the air, a pendulum would hit a cowbell. He continued to do this as he beat on the bongos above.

This is definitely not a show like you’ve ever seen. This band is as tight as any you’ll ever watch and the gimmick is awesome. I was seriously laughing so hard when I first got in there and eventually, after the shock of watching mummies sing sexual funk tunes, it was legitimately dope music. Be sure to catch Here Come the Mummies in a city near you.


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