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SHOW REVIEW: Justin Martin and J Phlip at Verboten

j crowd

And the Dirtybirds strike again. This time, it was Justin Martin and J Phlip (whom just so happen to be my two favorite birds) taking over Verboten Friday night, bumping Dirtybird booty bass through the speakers until we couldn’t take it anymore.

Verboten was decked out for the Holidays, with hundreds of red and white paper stars dangling from the ceiling. This was also my first time witnessing their two new LED-displays that now wrap clear across the dance floor.

j marrt

Justin Martin went on first and in true Dirtybird style, he didn’t waste a second getting the party started. Early on in the set, he dropped, “Princess,” his new collab with Ardalan, and the crowd ate that shit up. Standing out to me though, (in true female fashion) is when he dropped his remix to Henry Krinkle’s “Stay.” My wing girl dance partner was missing from the equation that night and as soon as the track dropped it was instant déjà vu in goose bump form.

j pjlip

J Phlip hopped on next and I couldn’t wait to hear what the boss lady had in store for us. We weren’t lucky enough in Brooklyn to get Miss Dirtybird on the BBQ lineup, so it had been a couple years since the last time I saw her play. As always, she blew my mind with an epic set. The kind of set where you find yourself constantly turning to your friend in the crowd (who is wearing a similarly ugly “bass face”) just to say “daaaaaammnnn…”

Take this one, from a fellow Dirtybird, for example:

and this (great from the 4am stretch):

Needless to say, the party was unreal. The #shipfam was there in full force raging with a “Verbirden” birdcage that Justin Martin took hold of at one point in the night. Even though the crowd noticeably filtered out by the end, J Phlip kept those of us strong enough dancing til the end. Until we meet again…


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