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Show Review: North Mississippi Allstars @ Brooklyn Bowl

Photos by Dan LaDue

 When was the last time a three-piece band really impressed you? My answer is the North Mississippi Allstars show at the Brooklyn Bowl Friday night.

During their two night run at the Brooklyn Bowl, the North Mississippi All Stars warmed things up with a two hour dose of blues rock, with nods to Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and of course, their southern blues roots.

While I’m not familiar with their catalogue, one moment that truly stood out was when Luther Dickinson grabbed a two-string guitar made of a coffee tin for a jam. I’ve never seen that before, and I love seeing live music like I’ve never seen it before.

North Mississippi2

Upon further research, I learned that North Mississippi Allstars literally have the blues in their blood. Sons of Memphis legend Jim Dickinson, brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson have quite literally made it their life goal to keep the legacy alive, both the legacy of their father and of the muddy blues they grew up with.

This 8-minute mini-doc will get you up to speed on these bluesy, boss musicians. While I wasn’t able to catch the second night of the run, night one impressed enough to put these guys permanently on my radar, and I look forward to catching ’em again.


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