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SHOW REVIEW: RJD2 @ Brooklyn Bowl

RJD2 Suit

RJD2 came out in a full-body costume at the Brooklyn Bowl, with an MPC attached to his belt. He spun it around around and introduced himself via the beat-making machine before eventually retreating to where he feels most comfortable: behind the turntables.

He had four vinyl turntables going at one time, if my eyes were correct. I was a little bit in the back and a few cold Brooklyn Lagers make it hard to determine what’s what on stage, but I’m pretty sure homie had 4 turntables, 2 mixers and a couple MPCs up there for his solo set.


Solo set? That’s right, solo set. Because after a good 30 minutes of juggling 4 records and 2 beat machines at once, homie was joined by a couple musicians to turn it up a notch.

And up it turnt as the world-class DJ showed off his skills on the piano, bass guitar and even vocals (definitely not his strongest…) “See You Leave,” “Ghostwriter” and the Mad Men theme were high points of the bouncy set.

Things were going great as the dance floor filled up and the hip-hop instrumentalist came correct in the city of Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bowl played host to a solid show, leaving everybody stoked as ?uestlove came on, directly after RJD2, for his DJ residency. Quite the city, New York is…


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