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SHOW REVIEW: Rodrigo y Gabriela Take San Francisco

rodrigo y gabriela

Following a phenomenal week at Burning Man, I made my way to San Francisco to spend the week with my dear friend and check out the West Coast.  I was elated to find that Mexican acoustic guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela were playing one of the Bay Area’s most beautiful venues, The Masonic.

The concert started promptly and Rodrigo y Gabriela wasted no time.  In just a few minutes I saw a side of the acoustic guitar I’d never seen.  Watching the two strum and drum simultaneously was incredibly impressive.

Raised in Mexico City, both were exposed to Flamenco and jazz, but their love for heavy metal is what makes things truly explosive.

The duo had a remarkable chemistry and flowed back and forth around the stage with grace.  In addition to their amazing, haunting original tracks “Tamacun” and “Diablo Rojo,” we were treated to covers from Led Zepplin, Metallica, and my personal favorite, Radiohead!

The duo really make you move and provide a refreshingly unique sound.  Check ’em out below via KEXP, and be sure to see them next time they come around!


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