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SHOW REVIEW: The Heavy Pets come to my hometown of Sarasota

Shout outs to Max Schulz on FB for the pic

So I’m from this town called Sarasota which is most well-known for old people, beaches, Munchie 4:20 Cafe and Greg Allman’s DUI charge. However, over the weekend The Heavy Pets came to my local watering hole, the Cock & Bull, for a night of jammin’ fun and like 8 different, delicious brews.

I’m not sure what to start out with here. Either I can tell you what The Heavy Pets played first or I can tell you the first beer I had. While earlier in the day I enjoyed a Sweetwater 420 and then a couple Michelob Lights (not my first choice), upon arriving to the Cock  & Bull I had a Hoopla, Boulder Beer Company’s collaboration beer with Kyle Hollingsworth of the String Cheese Incident.

Then I had a Dog Fish Head 90 Minute IPA.

Then The Heavy Pets took the stage and played “Chew.” It was a good song and helped me down the 90 Min.

Then my homie Zach bought me a Blue Moon and the Pets started busting out some funky reggae. I was really vibin’ with the island vibes they brought. I’ve seen these guys a couple times, but never have I heard them play so many rasta rhythms. If you blindfolded someone at the beginning of the show and told them that this reggae was coming from a band where the lead singer was a ginger, I highly doubt they would believe you. Press play then quickly shut your eyes.

After the reggae, there was a lot of four-to-the-floor, dancey, face-melting, Disco Biscuits-type things going on. And from there, the beer selections got very fuzzy.

I know there was a Never Summer Ale, a Hop Karma, a Tree Hugger, a Magic Hat and a PBR (ground-scored, later accused of stealing dude’s beer, bought him a new one…) in there, fairly close to that order. I don’t know what it was about the night, but for some reason they just kept going down. The Heavy Pets did it to this guy.

The band went on to play a solid hour-and-a-half set that contained my personal favorite, “Help Me Help You.” I was drunk enough to think this song was a cover by Stevie Wonder or something, which is both a testament to how sick the song is and how stupid I am.

The band ended with 3AM and then got the skankin’ going with the ska encore of “Keep On.” Totally a sick show and you should definitely keep your eye on these guys as they tour throughout the US.


7/27/13 Sarasota, FL – Chew, Slow Down, Better, So Thank You Music, Last Babies, Help Me Help You, 3AM E. Keep On

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