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Skrillex, A-Trak, Diplo Launch POTATO

Potato is the brainchild of Skrillex, A-Trak and Diplo. The goal is to reinstate music television how twenty and thirty-somethings remember it. It’s not reality TV about guidos or diary confessions of fat people who want to be skinny; it’s stuff about music. Pretty simple right?

Episode one features Boys Noize and techno legend Kevin Saunderson. They discuss Detroit’s contribution to techno (or the dreaded “EDM”) to the United State’s electronic music scene. The short, documentary-style clip is rounded off with footage from Dog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize’s collab project) live in Detroit, at what looks like a trippy-little-hard-acid-techno-party if I’ve ever seen one.

I think this series is going to be great! These three producers love nothing more than music and are looking to educate their fans on different styles and the history of them. You can just imagine what world-music connoisseur Diplo has in store for his series, Blow Your Heaad.


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