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Snarky Puppy’s GroundUP Music Festival is Looking Incredible


Snarky Puppy’s inaugural GroundUP Music Festival will take place in February on the sandy beaches of Miami, bringing an incredible roster of talent to a wonderfully scenic part of the country. With a variety of legendary talent, newfound hotshots, and everything between, the lineup is stacked, bringing together a blend of genres in a way only Snarky Puppy could.

There’s the virtuosic bluegrass of Chris Thile, the emotive jazz of Bill Laurance, the worldly rhythms of Pedrito Martinez, and the premiere of Michael League’s new band Bokanté. As if you needed a few more reasons to go, here’s why we’re stoked on the debut of the GroundUP Music Festival.

(For more information and tickets, click here)

The Lineup

A music festival needs good music, and GroundUP has you covered! Not only will Snarky Puppy perform three nights, but they’ll be joined with some killer talent. Esperanza Spalding is the artist at large, serving as a secondary headliner herself along with David Crosby and Chris Thile w/ Michael Daves.

Snarky Puppy’s Bill Laurance, who put out a wonderful live album earlier this year will also play, and so will John Medeski, Pedrito Martinez, Terrence Blanchard, Jacob Collier, Charlie Hunter, and many more. The lineup integrates legends with fresh talent in a way that only Snarky Puppy could conjure up.

Check out the schedule bellow, check out some of the artists you maybe haven’t heard of before, and get excited to bask in the sun while you listen to these incredible musicians. You should also be thoroughly stoked that late-night jams will take place just a few blocks away from the venue. All of this talent in a city that stays up late should make for some star-studded AM moments.


The Venue

Just look at it! Steps away from the ocean lies a bandshell that will host the aforementioned incredible talent. The venue will host a hammock-filled grove for you to chill out in and get away from the sun, or maybe even catch a quick siesta. The GroundUp website is also advertising top local chefs to be there cooking up cuisine that will keep you fueled for a big day and a long night. Along with a liberal in-and-out policy that will allow you to jump in the ocean, this all sounds almost too good to be true!


Miami in February

While my DubEra colleagues live in Miami, I’m up in NYC, and it’s fucking cold in February. A chance to vacate to the sunny land of Miami beach is a luxury, and I plan on taking full advantage of it! I won’t be missing any opportunities to Snap or Instagram while I’m walking around South Beach shirtless sipping on fruit juice in the middle of February. I can almost feel my feet already!


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