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Today Snowball Music Festival begins!! Todays lineup is jam packed full of excellent artists! MARTY PARTY, GRAMATIK, BIG BOI, SUPERVISION, MAJOR LAZER, MiMOSA, RUSKO, and many more are scheduled to throw down today!

We can only hope Rusko will throw down this banger tonight! [youtube=]

If you are unFamiliar with Snowball here is a little breakdown for you:

“There simply is no other festival in the world like SnowBall Music Festival. Going into its sophomore year, SnowBall is quickly demanding the attention of critics and tastemakers, taking the concept of a music festival to a whole new level. Drawing attention once again for a stellar lineup of indie rock and dance music artists, SnowBall is setting the standard as one of the most exciting and unique festivals to emerge in recent years. Offering all the perks of a world-class music festival—with the distinct bonus of being set in a skier and snowboarder’s paradise—the SnowBall Music Festival proposes the ultimate marriage of music and mountains.

For three days this March, SnowBall will sprawl out across Colorado’s legendary Vail Valley, offering a diverse lineup of artists on multiple stages to pair the world’s best musicians with the world’s best snow conditions; making the SnowBall Music Festival the ultimate winter getaway for music fans.”


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