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Spirit of Suwannee Disc Jams Preview: Q&A with Dangermuffin

suwannee disc jam

With the Spirit of Suwannee Disc Jams #6 on the horizon, we’re gearing up to once again set our feet in the magical Music Park that plays home to so many festivals, big and small. While Wanee, Bear Creek, AURA, Purple Hatters Ball and now Hulaween have been receiving a lot of our attention, we’re happy to shine the spotlight on a much smaller, much different festival in this beloved venue.

Below there is a track from Dangermuffin along with a Q&A with their singer, Dan Lotti. Check out some new music today and again on Friday and Saturday in the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park!

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Q: Disc golf has exploded in the last several years. How did you get started playing?

A: Sometimes the best thing to do when touring is to get out of the van and into the woods. It grounds you. We have some good friends on Folly Beach that have sort of mentored us and showed us the ropes. To be able to travel and play all sorts of different courses is awesome!  We also have some great courses at home to practice on.

Q: This is the 6th installment of Spirit of the Suwannee Disc Jams. Why do you think music and disc golf go so well together?

A: The best musical experiences I’ve had have been outdoors. Natural outside energies and music go hand in hand… and disc golf is all about taking into account the elements and immersing yourself in the woods. And getting dirty.

Q: Have you played the course at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park? If so, tell us a bit about it.

A: Yeah! We played a round with some of the locals at wanee ’11. Got to play most of the course; some folks were camped on the fairways so we had to skip a few. Great course. Beautiful place!

Q: What is one tip you’d give fans playing in the tournament that are new to the sport?

A: Have fun. Relax. Breathe. Chin up while putting!!!


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