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Suwannee Disc Jams #6: Disc Golf, Dangermuffin and Cope in the Suwannee

suwannee disc jam

The sixth Suwannee Disc Jam is right around the corner and that’s a perfect reason to get back in to our favorite venue: the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park. The lineup features South Carolina’s Dangermuffin and Florida’s Cope, amongst others. Of course, there will also be tons of good fun happening on the Disc Golf course for when the music isn’t swingin’ your hips.

We are stoked to be giving away a couple tickets to this fantastic event in a few days. Be sure you pay attention to our Facebook page for that!


Friday Night Dangermuffin – 11:00-1:00 The Whiskey Gentry – 9:15-10:30 Boukou Groove – 7:30-8:45

Saturday Night Cope – 11:00-1:30 Captain Green – 9:15-10:30 New Earth Army – 7:30-8:45 Sweet Knievel – 5:45-7:00 Motha Shmuckas Budda Crackas – 4:00-5:15


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