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The best of the inaugural Counterpoint Music Festival

Best light-show

I’m going to give this to Skrillex for the fact that he absolutely ‘wowed’ the crowd with the first use of lasers on the main stage. It took the crowd’s energy from a 10 to a Spinal Tap 11 as everyone screamed.

Best set

Last year Bassnectar showed up Pretty Lights in Alpharetta, but this year Derek played a little louder and a little clearer than Lorin. Handfuls of new tracks, lasers, an improved light show, PL classics and some hilarious stage banter made for the quickest near-two-hour set I’ve ever seen.

Craziest crowd

Have to say Skrillex’s crowd was completely out of control. The thousands and thousands of attendees were either crammed in the front (which looked more like a mosh pit) or utilizing the room in the back to get their boogie on. I don’t think anybody moved the crowd quite like Sonny Moore did.

Best hip-hop set

With a line-up that boasted Atmosphere, Theophilus London, Big Boi and Wale, I have to give the hometown hero this one. Big Boi delivered a ton of Outkast classics along with his solo cuts to a hungry crowd. The fest-goers loved the old school and new school flavors alike and judging by the amount of people on stage, this was definitely a family affair.

Best rage stick

While calling it a rage stick might selling it short, the sponsored Bassnectar Dragon was the coolest kid in class this weekend. Absolutely terrorizing the crowd both in and out, there wasn’t a soul in the audience who didn’t come face to face with his flashing eyes or 30-foot body.

Best new music discovered

I had heard of Up Until Now, but never did I know that their set was going to steal the show on Thursday night. Along with David Murphy, these guys ripped through the funkiest debauchery of the entire festival.

Best songLotus played “Spiritualize” to a half-full crowd while Skrillex played to thousands and thousands across the field. The band didn’t phone it in at all though and the intimate showing proved to be a favorite for everyone involved.


Best use of a hip-hop a capella

Though Bassnectar’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” over “The Matrix” was on point, I have to give this one to Emancipator for dropping “Shook Ones Pt II” over his chilled-out trip-hop. Emancipator played to a small crowd, but it was the perfect vibe for late in the afternoon on Saturday.


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