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The Dirtybirds are back in Brooklyn


Anyone that has met me knows that I love me some Dirtybird. Ever since the Dirtybird BBQ took over Brooklyn this summer, I’ve been itchin’ for some more booty-bass in my life. I knew it was only a matter of time before they made their way back to the east coast and finally, tonight, my two favorite birds, Justin Martin and J Phlip, are spinning at Verboten. Ahhh, how I love Brooklyn.

I haven’t been to Verboten in a minute. Word on the street is they have installed a brand new 7-channel video projection wall that I’m stoked to check out. That, mixed with some holiday decor and a little (lot) of Dirtybird deep house, is sure to put us all in good spirits.

Justin Martin is straight up always a bomb ass time. Pretty much anything off the Ghettos & Gardens EP is an instant crowd pleaser. I’m interested to hear some of the new stuff he’s been working on, though. Specifically, “Princess, ” a new collab with Ardalan is going to sound DOPE on the Verboten sound system. The dirty bass drop reminds me of “Ruff Stuff” and I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that…

We weren’t lucky enough in Brooklyn to get Miss. Dirtybird, aka J Phlip on the lineup for the Dirtybird BBQ, so I’m even more excited to see what the boss lady has in store for us. I’ve only seen J Phlip spin once before during a spontaneous road trip to Tampa, FL. Based on circumstances out of my control, the road trip was a bust, but J Phlip on the other hand, made it all worth it. The girl knows how to start a dance party and keep it going all night long. REPRESENT, GIRL.

As always, there’s a lot of good music going on this weekend, but I definitely wouldn’t miss out on this party. Dirtybird FTW <—-(I’ve always wanted to use that one.)

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