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The Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality (Full Album Review)


The Glitch Mob just released their new album titled Love Death Immortality today and it has built up quite the hype the past few months. Festival announcements, visual teasers, vinyl pre-orders, production hints, and countdowns across The Glitch Mob’s social media platforms have led us into insane excitement.

With the release of the album, they also released a visual video for every track on their youtube page. They were prepared to say the least. Perhaps most impressive is how exclusive they kept the album. I normally see leaks flying all over the place, which can really dilute the release…but not this one.

Love Death Immortality is my favorite Glitch Mob work to date by far. They have really embraced a style all their own; a style I like to describe it as “orchestrated bass music.” It’s literally as if they were actually orchestrating an electronic symphony.

Love Death Immortality encompasses a variety of  genres like drum and bass, glitch-hop, dubstep, beat music, and hip-hop, all with the signature Glitch Mob stylo. The vocalist on “Fly By Night” and “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart”  give a soulful vibe that level out the album as a whole when packaged alongside some of the heavier songs in the first half of the album. Overall, this is a great work from The Glitch Mob, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the fans this summer at festivals across the country.

Check out The Glitch Mob website for full links to purchase the album.

BEAUTY OF THE UNHIDDEN HEART (The last song on the album and my personal favorite)


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