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The Nth Power make Denver “Fall in Love” as they kick off their tour from Cervantes!


Love, it seems like a lot of bands push that emotion out into their crowd. Many time that emotion can be taken as half hearted, but when you are in the presence of the funky soulfulness of The Nth Power you can’t help but feel an overwhelming emotional connection between the musicians and the audience.

Last month, The Nth Power kicked off their Fall in Love Tour at Cervantes ‘The Other Side’ in Denver, CO. The Nth Power is a 5 piece group made up of Nikki Glaspie on drums/vocals, Nigel Hall on keys/vocals, Nick Cassarino on guitar/vocals, Nate Edgar on bass, and Weddie Braimah on the funk face and percussion.

Once the room was filled in, and the lights had dimmed; it was time for the show. With the sounds of congas and organs keys followed by some distorted blues guitar the show was off to a perfect start.

Throughout the show the band found ways of demonstrating each member’s mastery whether it was through the EPIC percussion section solo that included a 5-minute djembe break down from Weddie or the guitar battle between Nick and Nate.

A moment from this show that I will always cherish is the speech Nigel Hall gave halfway through the show. He spoke in such inspiration about his journey to where he is and how thankful he is that he can play music and travel the world with his best friends. He made it clear that he loved his band, his music, and most of all the fans

“Music you know…it’s the only real thing we have left in this world,” said Nigel. Nearly bringing me to tears during his speech.


But the fun wasn’t over; the next thing we see up on stage is a smiling Joey Porter joining Nigel Hall around the keys. As expected, the group broke into a super funky jams with the gifted sit -in of one of the most talented funky keyboardist in the game.

The Nth Power came through Denver and showered a crowd of music lovers with a loving feeling only provided by a few select musicians. It was an amazing show that clearly spread happiness to everyone watching.


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