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Ultra Music Festival expands to two weekends

Ultra Music Festival just took the blogosphere by storm when they announced that they would be moving to a new, 2 weekend model. The festival will offer “two unique experiences” that they describe as putting different DJs on different stages at different times. Personally, I hope this will breed a new creativity with DJs and they will spin two totally different sets.

Ultra Music Festival is proud to present its first 2 weekend festival, with 2 unique experiences! On March 15-17, ULTRA will start Miami Music Week off with a bang with its highly anticipated Weekend 1 experience. Then we’re back on March 22-24 with Weekend 2! How will the weekends differ you ask? How do you choose just one? Can you choose both?! As music lovers, we have carefully crafted the answers for you! Each weekend will include your favorite DJs. However, there is a twist! We are offering the “unique” opportunity to see your favorite talent in DIFFERENT ARENAS, on DIFFERENT STAGES, on DIFFERENT WEEKENDS!!! And for those who can’t get enough ULTRA, both weekends are available at a slightly discounted combined price! So come join us in making EDM History! Weekend 1, Weekend 2, or BOTH! It will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced!”

Tickets go on sale for the two weekend extravaganza on October 17th. You can learn more on Ultra Music Festival’s official site:


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