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Wakarusa Preview: Snoop Lion – No Guns Allowed (feat. Drake) (Produced by Major Lazer) [Reggae

The Snoop Lion schtick has come with good and bad reviews. Haters will always hate, but just because Snoop Doggy Dizzle isn’t making “What’s My Name” or “Gin & Juice” doesn’t mean this stuff isn’t worth your listen. Here, Snoop Lion and Major Lazer recruit Drake on an anti-guns ballet.

Personally, as a student at UCF, this song comes at a time where our community is a little shocked and even frightened in light of recent events. Basically a 30-year old dude who was living in the dorms pulled the trigger on himself before what appeared to be a massive killing spree… crazy world.

Anyways, give the song a listen and decide for yourself if this is that groovy groovy or if it’s whack as hell. Be sure to see him at Wakarusa this summer, I’m sure that’ll be a smokin’ good time! [soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/majorlazer/snoop-lion-no-guns-allowed”]

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