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We interviewed 311’s Nick Hexum about the upcoming Unity Tour


Today we have a very special feature with Nick Hexum from the long-running, reggae-lovin’, hip-hop breathin’, funky-steezin’ 311 crew! We’re stoked to hit the Chicago and Tampa stops on the upcoming Unity tour with Cypress Hill and G. Love & Special Sauce. (tour dates here)

Hey Nick! What has contributed to the Unity Tour being able to go 10+ years strong?

Nick Hexum: For that longevity, we give thanks to the fans. 311 fans have a special connection with the band and with each other. We never take success for granted so we work hard to make sure we are at our best. We rehearse more than most bands and we work hard on our individual musicianship. It’s a labor of love.

What opening acts have really stood out and inspired you to bring your A-game?

Nick: Snoop Dogg is one that comes to mind. He really got the party going. We were pleasantly surprised at how much he embraced the Unity spirit ending his shows by leading the crowd in a chant of “Peace, Love, and Unity!”

Are there any venues / cities that really go off year after year? What are they?

Nick: We have hot spots all over the country. Of course the Midwest has always been good to us because we grew up there. LA, Atlanta, and NYC have been great to us for a long time, as well as later bloomers for us like Boston and DC.

How do you stay inspired, musically and non-musically?

Nick: I just try to always remain teachable. For the past seven years I’ve had a renewed love for the guitar. I learn other peoples songs, take lessons, and practice daily. Music is a never ending journey. I realize that I always need a challenge in my life so I try to push myself rather than other people. It’s much better that way!


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