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What Living In Ibiza Looks Like

The rumors are true. Yes you party a LOT. Yes you see sunrise a lot.

Last summer we spent 2 months living on the island of Ibiza. It was a lot of what we expected and a whole lot more. Shockingly enough, Ibiza isn’t just one huge dark night club. It’s an amazing island with beautiful mountains and beaches everywhere. The clubs only take up one tiny little section of the island. We spent the summer filming for the brand Resistance which hosted a party every Tuesday at club Privilege. It was the most elaborate and expensive production I’ve ever seen inside a club. The rest of the week we got to soak in some scenery in between editing weekly videos. We finally got to release a full video recap of the entire summer of sightseeing and raving to techno. Check out the video (above) and some of the photos from our adventures.


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