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12 reasons why Trinumeral Festival ruled

Trinumeral is the only festival that has been held in a different month over the past twelve years. Starting on 01/01/01, this was designed to be the last Trinumeral Festival, and it certainly went out with a bang. We dive into 12 reasons why Trinumeral made 12/12/12 a night to never forget.

1. Flying Lotus – On Wednesday night, twenty-nine year old, Steve Ellison, proved why he is one of electronic music’s most talked about acts. FlyLo’s acclaimed, awe-inspiring, 3-dimensional set up was an incredible site. His set, a blueprint of how to fuse hip-hop and electronic music without playing the same 5 trap songs back to back, included tunes by Aarabmuzik, Kendrick Lamar and TNGHT. When he wasn’t busy hyping the crowd with other producers’ work, he played his own gems, mostly from his newest masterpiece, Until The Quiet Comes.  To top it all off, he rapped a few Captain Murphy tracks. For those who don’t know, Captain Murphy is FlyLo’s rapping alter-ego. The display of talent was through the roof as Ellison put on one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen all year.

2. Andre 3000 – Three stacks was there to support his homie Flying Lotus. We had the opportunity to meet him and thank him for everything he’s given the world. That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

3. Eliot Lipp – Pretty Lights’ newest addition, Eliot Lipp, threw down an eclectic set with no regard for BPM or genre. From drumstep to sexy trip-hop, he gave the crowd a little bit of everything as he warmed up King Plow for FlyLo.

4. Atlanta – Southern hospitality is a real thing. You think we’d get that in Florida, but truth be told, you have to go up north just a little to get to the real south.

5. Marley Carroll – Fusing vibes of trip-hop, UK garage and deep house, this multi-genre producer set the tone for a night of extraordinarily talented musicians. He debuted the live addition of a moog synthesizer and displayed the best record scratching all night (he was killin’ it).

6. The crowd – Everyone there was super nice. No one was pushy, no one was rude, no one was 16. It was great to share a late night of amazing music with amazing people.

7. Blockhead – The New York producer took his blend of loungey hip-hop beats to the festival crowd on Wednesday. It went over extremely well as a packed house bobbed around to his chilled-out rhythms.

8. Security – They were there to keep the peace. Nothing more, nothing less.

9. The Venue – Terminal West and King Plow were connected by a block party. All three stages housed excellent sound and up-to-par lights which made for a great experience.

10. Cloudeater – It’s a little hard to stylistically pinpoint Atlanta’s Cloudeater. The five-piece band draws influence from all over, combining elements of indie, post-rock and industrial. While the night was ruled by bass-heavy DJs, Cloudeater did a wonderful job with their early set and made fans out of us.

You can download all of their music for free right here:

11. Break Science with Michal Menert – Whenever a few of your favorite musicians come together and jam out, it’s special. This was no exception to that rule. The set included “Flocyde”and “Talk That Talk,” along with a special remix containing vocals from Outkast’s “ATLiens.” Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch churned out an hour worth of funky, dubby, glitch-hop beats before Michal Menert joined them on stage.

12. Art – King Plow’s warehouse-like aesthetic housed an art gallery that Alex Grey would be very proud of. From canvas to hats, each medium was colorfully altered and put on display by local-level artists. It was a beautiful sight to see.


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