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7 Shambalicious Sets at this years Shambhala Music Festival

Shambhala is 1 Day Away! Salmo River Ranch, BC, Canada 1.) Pumpkin Firing off my countdown of 7 artists worth checking out this weekend is Pumpkinwith two decent remixes…Blind Melon – No Rain followed by Twirl Me… From the Polish Wildlight Remixes. Pumpkin hits the Living Room Stage 6:30AM Friday. [soundcloud][/soundcloud]

2.) Gorgan City Picking up the pace a bit with two uplifting tunes from Gorgan City. Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott the duo that make up Gorgan City hit the Pagoda Stage 10:30PM Sunday.

3.) Datsik Throw back of Datsik… a highlight reel from Starscape and Identity Festival 2011. Datsik plays the village stage 2:00AM Saturday

4.) Thriftworks

Thiftworks was EXCELLENT at Counterpoint this year! 100% original sets, plus his songs are free downloads at Last time he brought out the amazing dancers of RemoteKontrol. Thriftworks hits the Amphitheatre Stage 9:30PM Thursday

5.)G Jones

G Jones surely to fire it up at Shambhala with this fast pace VIP. G Jones hits the Amphitheatre Stage 12:00AM Sunday

6.) Falcons Falcons is another new artist I bumped into today digging the lineup ( Find of the day ). Falcons hits the Amphitheatre Stage 11:00PM Friday

7.) Bassnectar Couldn’t be a list without Lorin, X Bassnectar. Lorin Plays the Pagoda Stage 11:00PM Saturday

There are tons of talented acts at Shambhala, This list is just a taste.

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