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AURA Preview: Conspirator Returns to the Suwannee


Conspirator will return to the Suwannee for this year’s AURA Music & Arts Festival. Fans of the band may be reluctant to remember Hulaween’s torrential downpour that kept the band, along with Big Gigantic, from performing at the festival. Considering these circumstances, Conspirator better be ready to bring it come AURA.

Last year, Conspirator was amidst their full-blown EDM experiment. The songs were beginning to sound more like Porter Robinson or Skrillex b-sides than anything we associate with early Conspirator or the Disco Biscuits. Since then, the band has announced a return to their roots of improv jams and the setlists began to look a whole lot more appealing.

Personally, I was stoked to see a return-to-form Conspirator set at Hulaween, but was robbed by the rain. Three months later, we will have our redemption at AURA Music & Arts Festival. We had the chance to hang out with the band last year, asking them some questions and capturing their live show. We made a video of that madness, check it out below.


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