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AURA Preview: Lotus’ Artist Spotlight


Guys I have good news…AURA is approaching! That’s right gang! Our time away from the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park is coming to an end, thankfully. Today we are going to focus on the one, the only, LOTUS, as we increase your (and our) anticipation for the upcoming AURA Music & Arts Festival.

First off, I’d like to say that the band is currently killing it. The setlists have been looking real crunchy as they warm up the  currently freezing United States. Good thing they’re bringing the heat to Florida, because anyone who was at AURA last year knows we need all the heat we can get out there in the woods at 4am.

DubEra has grown pretty close to the Lotus guys. We’ve interviewed them both at the Suwannee during Bear Creek and during Electric Forest on camera and we’ve covered the last few runs through Florida they’ve done.

Most recently, I took to some groups on Facebook, including the Lotus Family (shout outs!) and Florida Jams (shout outs!) to see what the good fans of Lotus are hoping to hear when we jump face-first in to the Suwannee on Valentine’s Day. Here’s what we got…

“I would love to get a Sunrain and/or Wax because they both equally inspired my latest work of art that I will also be dropping as a pin that weekend :)” – Nick Bordier “I really want to hear a ball of energy. I’ve got every other song off of nomad, not to mention BoE is one of my favorite lotus tracks. Also Aura is going to be my 9th and 10th shows, so if I could get BoE on my 10th, it would be pretty special.” – Ze’ev Horowitz “Ball of Energy would be so great! I’m hoping for oldies all day maybe a Spiraling Line of Light or In the Bliss .. Moss Shoes…” – Alex Bayer “3 legged work horse cause its amazing” – Max Kipperman “Greet The Mind. cuz i like funky lotus dance parties!!!” -Dre Hernandez “Moss Shoes, Wax, and Slow Cookin’… Probably my three favorites. I think they all have different aspects that showcase each members talent, and the different styles lotus can play. I would have to write a pretty long comment to fully explain aha.” -Zak Weinberg “Bellwether!!! And Age of Inexperience. And wooly mammoth. If they need help making a setlist I am available for input at any time. and Suitcases” -Brad Friedman “Livingston Storm (been listening to this one a lot lately and I’ve yet to catch it live) and Through the Mirror (for its general awesomeness).” -Evan Rosenthal

And personally…I’d like a “Flower Sermon” or a “Spiritualize.” The first because they shredded it last time I saw them in Orlando and I’d like to relive that tune in the Suwannee. The latter because they didn’t play it at Bear Creek the last time they were in the Suwannee, and that song is just too damn good.



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