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AURA Preview: We asked Papadosio fans which songs they want to hear at AURA


We asked our Facebook following which songs they want to hear Papadosio play at the AURA Music & Arts Festival come Valentine’s weekend. Here’s what we got…

“Find Your Cloud”

“…because it makes me feel like i’m freaking floating.” – Patrick Griffin

“I really hope they play Find your Cloud! It’s one of my all time favorites and last time I saw them they didn’t play it so I would really enjoy hearing it live.” – Liane Robinson

“The Sum”

“That song hits the soul” – Dre Hernandez

“The Direction Song”

“The direction song would be pure bliss.” – Sean Andersson

“Hippy Babysitter”

“Hippy Babysitter ‘cus who wouldn’t want a hot hippie babysitter to watch there kids!” – Douglas Mann

“You and Yourself”

“You and yourself! I’ve caught papa d live quite a few times and I’ve never got to hear the song that introduced and got me hooked to the boys.” – Patrick Hade


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