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BUKU Preview: Flying Lotus

BUKU WHAT UP! We’re mad close here, so we’re excited to start our previews up for the New Orlean’s madness.

If you haven’t already read our Trinumeral review, let me summarize it for you real quick; FlyLo f–king rocks. The 3D light show, the energy, the unique-ness, the rapping, originals, DJ aspect… it’s kind of like when your favorite pizza joint offers unlimited toppings. You add a BUNCH of things together, and sometimes it gets weird, but it’s pretty damn delicious overall.

Check out what this homie is going to bring to the table when he destroys the secondary stage (which, rumor has it, is a warehouse?) come March 8th at Mardi Gras World…IT’S LIKE THAT!!!

But it’s actually wayyyyy iller than that. Video can’t do this thing justice, not even in 1080p HD. It’s like watching  Transformers on an iPhone… no matter how good you are at using your imagination, Megan Fox’s breasts will always look 35x better in real life.

(and the machines and dubstep-noises they make will be louder and cooler too, but you get the point)

If you haven’t yet scooped your tickets for BUKU, you can do so by heading to their official website. They aren’t getting any cheaper, so if you don’t have plans for Spring Break yet, you might wanna hop on it. We’ll see ya’ll soon for our next BUKU Preview!


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