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Camp Bisco 11 Countdown: WTF is Zoogma + Free Mixtape

WTF is Zoogma? If you are googling the answer to that question you obviously don’t know and need to find out. The only way to do that however is to go see Zoogma live. This 4 piece band is vicious with the jamtronica tunes and hip hop styles. Zoogma will be playing Camp Bisco 11 Saturday night in the Label Tent right before Gramatik. Make sure to go check out their set and answer the question for the ages….. WTF is Zoogma?!

Zoogma also just dropped a FIRE new mixtape for everyone to download. If you have ever seen them live you know they get the crowd hyphy with their Stay Fly mix and other jams. Well now you can have those songs all to yourself! Snag it now by clicking here: Zoogma Mixtape

Catch them on tour too if you can’t make it to Camp.


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