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Catskill Chill Preview: The 5 must-see acts at the upstate New York funk-down


Next weekend, the Catskill Chill will take place up in Hancock, New York with a lineup that makes any fan of funk, jam or electronica tickle with anticipation. The three-day festival will begin on September 6th and go through the 8th. Tickets are available starting at just $150 for a three-day pass right here.

The Meter Men featuring Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli and George Porter, Jr. with special guest Page McConnell

Three-quarters of the legendary Meters lineup are joined by Phish’s Page McConnell to throw down one of the illest superjams you could ever imagine. These guys have influenced everyone you listen to, and the level of funk will reach a George Clinton-high as these dudes headline the Catskill Chill.



I could very easily just leave this at the graphic above, but I’d like to elaborate. Electro-funk and jamtronica will collide with two bands who are playing at the height of their promising careers. This would be dope if it were a Friday afternoon set, but to close out the Catskill Chill with such epic shenanigans? Makes me want to tattoo #chillfam on my forehead.


If I learned one thing at AURA this year, it is that RAQ is back. Man, did this set hit me like a ton of bricks. I had never seen the guys, and the word around the woods was buzzing that this band was getting back together and they shred. Shred, indeed. Ever since, I like to start my Saturday mornings with eggs, bacon and a RAQ set at full volume. Definitely go see these guys at the Catskill Chill.

Eric Krasno Band

Krasno has been a busy bee lately, playing with Lettuce, Soulive and even the Pretty Lights Live Band. There’s no telling what influences he’ll bring out when it is HIS band, but I would definitely like to find out.

Brothers Past

So I saw Brother’s Past at AURA last year and their double-set performance absolutely blew my socks off. It was such a melodic brand of jamtronica, and I’ve always loved super melodic music. If they slowed it down by like 5x and took out the vocals, I think these dudes might give Explosions In The Sky a run for their money in the whole ultra-epic shoegazey thing. But we like to party, RIGHT!? Right. So they speed this thing up and get everyone running in circles, hoola-hooping and singing along  with their awesome tunes.


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