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CHVRCHES CONCERT REVIEW: Proper Live Electronic Music in Miami

The electro-pop band known as Chvrches performed in Miami last night (Oct 5th, 2014) at The Fillmore Miami Beach. It was their first performance in Miami, my first time seeing them, and the first time ever in Miami for some of the band. I went in without any real expectations beside the fact I was going to hear poppy electronic music. Even that expectation wasn’t very accurate in my opinion. The band categorizes themselves as electro-pop but it felt like the show was much more than that. I would describe the band as a cross between electro-pop, indie, and underground electronic. There were also glimpses of Trap, Dubstep, and House fused in there which kept me very intrigued. It felt like Darkside & Squarepusher started producing songs for Metric to perform. Live electronic music is vastly growing in popularity currently and this band is another testament as to why.

No matter how good your band is, you need some kind of captivating visuals to succeed in the realm of live performances these days. That’s just how it is. Chvrches didn’t fall short in that department. I was really impressed with the band’s visuals. They reminded me of Kanye’s new haircut. You can’t survive on visuals alone however. Chvrches had a big and excited crowd for a Sunday night which they were very appreciative of. The band consists of 2 guys who play keys, guitar, and trigger samples along side a cute and hip female vocalist with a great voice. She switched to keys for two of the songs and let one of the guys take over on vocals. He actually sounded really good and the crowd was impressed judging by their cheerful reactions following those songs.

The band played for about an hour solid. They only have one album worth of material out so the fans knew what they wanted and that’s what they got. Chvrches played all the hits. “Lies”, “Recover”, “The Mother We Share”, and “Under The Tide” are the songs that I enjoyed the most. Below is a quick video I took of the band ending their set with “The Mother We Share” before the encore. Also check out the full photo album from the show RIGHT HERE. If you want more Chvrches music check out their soundcloud for the album and a lot of different remixes.


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