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Concert Preview: Andrew Bird, Brooklyn 12/6

**UPDATE:  Rough Trade venue cancelled show to soundproof venue.  Looking forward to the rescheduled performance.

Living in New York City I’m both cursed with ludicrous rent and blessed with opportunity to see a lot of good music.

That said, in my seven months here I haven’t been as excited as I am for Andrew Bird’s performance Friday.

If you’ve never heard of Andrew Bird watch this and we’ll reconvene.

There is something so simplistic and simultaneously sophisticated about his unique sound.  With the recent release of Bird’s latest EP “I want to see Pulaski at Night” I very much look forward to hearing some new music.

As if seeing Andrew Bird wasn’t good enough, he will be performing in an incredibly intimate 250 capacity space in Williamsburg’s newest record store Rough Trade.

Look forward to a review with photos over the weekend…

**Cali/Chicago fam check out his December tour dates.

DEC 06 Brooklyn, NY DEC 09 Chicago, IL DEC 10 Chicago, IL DEC 11 Chicago, IL DEC 12 Chicago, IL DEC 16 San Francisco, CA DEC 17 San Francisco, CA DEC 19 Los Angeles, CA DEC 20 Los Angeles, CA

Be easy guys,


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