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CONCERT REVIEW: Moe in South Florida @ Revolution Live

Progressive Rock/Jam band, Moe, has been heavy touring this summer and are playing with a fluid and effortless style. It’s awesome to see a 5 piece band play with such great mental connections. The easy going style of the frontman and bass player, Rob Derhak, sets the tone for the rest of the band. Watching Moe perform is so captivating. They go from so laid back to shredding out of the blue without even changing their body language. Mix in some amazing light beams and a disco ball and you’ve got one groovy party!

The Revolution Live show was filled with people upstairs and down. The crowd set a very fun mood for the night with clouds of ganja filling the building from the second Moe stepped on stage. A majority of the crowd being old dudes with Wanee shirts. That’s my kind of crowd!

The first set was more laid back with glimpses of the shredding capabilities of the band. They let loose more in the second set however plus an encore. Check out the full setlist from the Moe facebook below:

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