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DIRTYPHONICS | Orlando, FL (Recap, New Tunes)

Drum & Bass titans Dirtyphonics blessed the intimate Social venue in downtown Orlando last night with an epic set flawlessly spanning electro, dubstep, glitch hop, drum & bass and every hybrid between. Around 12:30 half of the Dirtyphonics group hit the stage for the most interesting and talented DJ set I’ve seen in recent memory. They used 2 DJM900 mixers and 4 CDJs to deliver the eclectic EDM onslaught.

Dirtyphonics’ variety kept the crowd completely bonkers the entire show. They would dropp electro for 5-10 minutes and kick it in to a nasty dubstep tune (for example: Porter Robinson’s “The State”) just when the crowd started to look a little bored. This would serve as the formula they follow during their epic DJ sets. Remixes by Nero, Marilyn Manson, Skrillex, and Netsky had the crowd going particularly nuts.

And if the music wasn’t good enough (it was), HTG Events and Donnie Disco Presents made sure to take care of all production aspects that make for a great party. The lights,venue, sound and dancers were all a great asset to the experience. Lighting can be overbearing at times, but the amount of LEDs in the smaller venue were perfect. The Social is a 400 capacity venue known for housing excellent shows without a bad spot and epic sound. The bass was thick and filled up the entire room as you felt each thump in your bones. Finally, when all else fails, hire 8 cute chicks to dance around in leather bikinis, Flinstone pattern furries and fishnets. I’d say last night was a gnarly success.

BONUS: Check out some tunes from the boys, including their brand new remix of Datsik & Excision’s “Deviance” [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


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