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Don’t Be A Fool and Miss Fool’s Paradise Festival

Lettuce will take over the sunshine state on April 1st & 2nd with their first ever Fool’s Paradise. The event is located in St. Augustine, Florida, which has beautiful beaches and an amphitheater that is about to get slam packed with funky tunes. Here are a few reasons why you need to attend this paradise or you will look like a fool.

THE LINEUP: LETTUCE (X2), GRIZ, CHRIS ROBINSON, GOLDFISH, BREAK SCIENCE, VULFPECK, NTH POWER, THE GROOVE ORIENT AND MORE! This combination of artist for two days is awesome. There is no crappy music so you better bring enough beer money in to last you all day.

FIRST EVER GRIZ LIVE SET WITH LETTUCE: A first year festival should always have something special to set itself apart. Lettuce was obviously well aware of that since they decided to team up with Griz for a live performance. Griz + Lettuce! Lettuce will be Griz’s band which is a crazy concept with lots of potential and there is a lot of anticipation to see how they handle it.

CAMPING ON THE BEACH: St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in Florida and well known for it’s beautiful beaches. Camping is also very rare for an amphitheater show so this won’t be your average camping fest. Hopefully you can hear the ocean from your tent because that’s the best sleeping aid out there. Check out all the fun things you can do while in St. Augustine on the Fool’s Paradise Attractions Page

THEMED DRESS UP SETS: Dressing up for festivals can be fun. Collaborating with everyone in the entire festival to dress up around a specific theme is epic. Each night of the festival there will be a themed set. Night 1 Lettuce will be performing with a theme of “Beach Bums & Babes“. Night 2 Chris Robinson’s Soul Revue will be performing with the theme of “Pirates & Pranksters“. Hit the nearest Goodwill and grab some beach bum and pirate swag!

LATE NIGHT MUSIC: Apart from Miami, Florida isn’t really one of those rage all night places unless you know all the local dive bars. Fool’s Paradise however will have music until 2am! We’re not talking some local DJ with a small laser and a strobe light. Vulfpeck, Break Science, Goldfish, and Fools of Funk Supergroup will be performing the late night shows. What better time to see Break Science crush it than 12:30-2:00am? Check the full late night breakdown and tix here.

ARTIST EXCURSIONS: Attending a festival generally only gives you one chance to see your favorite musical artist throughout the weekend. Fool’s Paradise is giving you a chance to hang out with them. Mini Golf, Zip Lining, and Sailing are all things you can do with members of Lettuce and Break Science throughout the weekend. I would really enjoy challenging Krasno to some mini golf. Check out the full list of activities here: Fool’s Paradise Artist Excursions



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Bonus Video: Check out our video of Lettuce to kick of 2016 in New York.

LETTUCE – NEW YORK RUN We kicked off 2016 in New York like true players; with Lettuce. Posted by on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


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