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DubEra Recap: Snowball Day 3

Snowball Music Festival Day 3 Recap: The Grand Finale!!

Snowball was an amazing time. All 3 days were loaded with good music and people! Check out what we had on the agenda for day 3.

We kicked the day off with Nit Grit; a heavy hitter currently headlining the No Antidote Tour with Two Fresh. He definitely got the crowd movin early in the Groove Tent! A really fun set!

Backing up Nit Grit was tour partners Two Fresh. They are always bringin awesome vibes to the crowd. They dropped loads of new tracks at Snowball and the brothers even MC’d on the mic for a couple tracks. I love the hip hop influence these guys present. Their drummer Colby was ripping it as always too! A great first set in their new home state!

Minnesota took over the Groove Tent after Two Fresh. He ripped it to say the least. One of my personal favorites at the moment. He produces some great electronic with just the right amount of heavy bass to blast your face. He also happened to be on my flight home from the fest. Great guy! I’ll have pics up for you soon homie!

As I wandered over to the main stage next I walked up on this awesome Denver High School drum line getting down!! I’m sure they don’t get to play for a cheering festival crowd everyday either so they seemed to be lovin it! Really talented kids with some awesome rhythm. I didn’t stop movin the whole time they were up there!

I am sure most of you are familiar with who this lovely lady is. Zoe from Beats Antique does nothing less than mesmerize you every time she walks on stage. Beats Antique has such a unique eastern/indian sound. (that’s really the only way I know how to describe it) The point is, they are awesome and have a really artistic and musically pleasing set every time. Check them out!

Before the last show of the day we swung into the Heat Hut to watch DallasK get down for a little while. Definitely a fun set, and a Florida native I believe as well. Fun to see a homestate homie tearing it up!

Last but not least….. Nectar took the Main Stage. Bassnectar in the snow! That’s about all I can say. He had some great new visual content and played a new track for everyone! Fantastic set. (I wish they would have turned him up a little louder though. You could here the person next to you talking. That’s not typical for a Nectar set)


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