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DubEra Update: Snowball Day 1

Day one of the 2012 Snowball Music Festival was a blast!! Lots of amazing artists and people. It was a definitely a cold one though! Temperatures got down near 0 degrees during the evening sets!

Overall day one was a day filled with some heavy bass!

Our day started of with Helicopter Showdown throwing down some filthy tunes in the Groove Tent!

Next up was Gramatik in the Groove Tent. He dropped loads of fresh new tracks that had everyone groovin! The guitar was out as well and getting funky as always. Gramatik definitely has some new fire jams up his sleeve! Be sure to check him out on the PLM Tour with Break Science coming soon.

Following up Gramatik in the Groove Tent was MartyParty bringin the heavy basslines to keep you warm!

A performance I have never seen before and was quite impressed by was Major Lazer on the Main Stage. It was definitely a party! With Diplo in your crew you can never really go wrong!

One of the performances that had me really hyped yesterday was Big Boi on the main stage! Being a huge Outkast fan I always enjoy a chance to see one of the greats perform live. Big Boi performed the classics, such as “Sorry Miss Jackson”, as well as new bangers such as “General Patton”.

The second to last performances of day one of the festival was nothing short of amazing! MiMosa destroyed the Groove Tent with some of the best sounding bass I’ve heard in a while. With an amazing light setup to provide perfect atmosphere. MiMosa closed out the day at the Groove Tent PROPERLY!

Last and certainly not least performance of the day was Rusko! With amazing lights and loads of energy Rusko rocked the crowd full throttle for a straight 75min! He dropped loads of new remixes and classic bangers! An amazing way to end day one!

Can’t wait for day 2!


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