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Electric Forest Day 1 Recap: Heatin’ Up In The Forest

Yesterday we arrived to Electric Forest after a couple heavy days of traveling. Passing through Nashville, Louisville and Indianapolis all in the same drive was interesting, but nothing compared to the neon playground we walked up on last night.

Thursday night served as the pre-party for the cheesiest electronica party of the year. (no I don’t mean cheesy like neon “Rage With Sluts” shirts… like the “String Cheese Incident” cheesy) With Suckerpunch and the Werks taking us in to dawn, it was clear the crowds would only grow in size and energy as the night progressed.

Digital Tape Machine, the supergroup featuring members of Umphrey’s Mcgee and more, would have probably been the most interesting set of the night had it not be for the rain. I feel like such a pussy saying that, but camera equipment is pricey and no one likes sleeping in a wet tent… The songs I did see of them were a great mix of electronica with a strong cast of bandmates.

Michal Menert got some things going on the Tripolee stage. He had a live drummer sitting in and got all the PL lovers mouth’s watering for the big Sunday set from Derek himself.

Meanwhile, Morgan Page was getting things thumpin’ on the main stage with his mix of trance and electro. It served as a warm-up for the 19 year old Madeon to take the stage.

Cloaked in his signature blazer, the French young’n blazed through disco-tinged house and bass-heavy electro. His remix of dead-mow-five’s “Raise Your Weapon” was a huge highlight of his set, along with his own “Icarus.”

EOTO and Lotus closed down the jamtronica-heavy Sherwood Court in proper fashion. Jason Hann & Michael Travis brought their lotus stage set-up, which I’m sure confused the hell out of some naive raver chicks. The duo brought out some 808 trap sounds, which was cool because I’d never heard them do that before. Jason sang a little “California Love” auto-tune diddy and switched up the words to “Electric Forest knows how to party!” Indeed we do…

Lotus put on a really killer show as well. “The Surf” and “Spiritualized,” along with a new song were the most captivating to this listener. The double-song encore served as the perfect night cap.

Can’t wait for another phenomenal day of music today. Railroad Earth, Trombone Shorty, Dispatch and a late-night String Cheese Incident are on the menu here in Rothbury. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as things move along.

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