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Electric Forest Preview: Empire of the Sun ‘Ice on the Dune’ Now Streaming


These trippy Aussie homies’, Empire of the Sun, brand new album Ice on the Dune is now streaming on Rolling Stone’s website. Naturally, those greedy bastards won’t let anyone else embed the player, so you have to click on that link (RIGHT THERE^^) in order to actually listen to it.

I just completed my first listen to the album, but it is premium material! I like these guys a lot, from the new-wavey / disco / dancey / indie style to the imagery to the fact they play live with a band… let’s just say I dig it. The album is just about what you would expect, drawing influences from 80s new wave and some psychadelia for good measure. It is very danceable and super catchy, which is the style that booted them to the mainstream with their debut album Walking on a Dream.


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