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EVENT PREVIEW: 5 Reasons Umphrey’s McGee & Lettuce at The Fort Is Going To Be Legendary

Umphrey’s McGee and Lettuce will be hosting a special 2 night event titled “The Fort” in my hometown of Fernandina Beach, FL on April 11-12. The concert will be held inside an old war fort known as Fort Clinch. It’s part of a state park right by the beach on Amelia Island, located on the very Northeast tip of Florida.

Growing up there, I never expected something of this magnitude to happen. I took senior photos at this fort in high school and I go mountain biking with my mom there. It’s not something the locals normally view as a concert venue. Here are the things you need to know about the show and the surrounding area that are going to make it legendary.

1. Umph By Da Beach

The city of Fernandina Beach is located on a small 13 mile long island at the very top of Florida. The main activity for everyone there is going to the beach. The Fort location is about one block from the main beach on the island. That beach also has a free skatepark right next to it. So realistically, you could go to the skatepark, go jump in the ocean, and just walk to the concert venue from there. Here is a video I made of the skatepark 5 years ago:

(It’s now a free park with no helmets required)

2. Limited Tickets

Umphrey’s only sold 1,348 tickets for this event. That’s smaller than a show at the House of Blues, and it’s going to be held in a Fort next to the ocean. It’s going to be a very intimate two nights. I can’t wait to see what both bands have in store.

3. Party In A Fort

This isn’t the pillow fort you built as a kid. This is a massive concrete and brick Civil War fort from 1864 with canons surrounding the upper edges. I personally really want a picture with canons and Umphrey’s shredding in the background. The fort hosts all sorts of other cool activities like mountain biking, wildlife observation, fishing, kayaking, and much more.

Check out the Fort Clinch website for more info. History and Rock n’ Roll combining for an epic occasion.

4. DogStar Tavern Sold Out After Parties

One of the bars in downtown Fernandina Beach has become well known for having live music and painting. It’s called DogStar Tavern.

It is confirmed The Fort late night shows will be held at DogStar. It’s a small bar with lots of good drinks, live music, and live painting. Both nights are sold out already and begin at midnight. The bar only holds a couple hundred people. I hope you got your ticket because The Fort Clinch All-Stars could be the best musical performance that has ever happened in DogStar.

5. T-Ray’s Burger Station

T-Ray’s is a small somewhat hidden place that looks like an old gas station but is a local staple with the best burgers on the island. The same family has run it for years. I went to school with all the kids that now help run it. It’s an friendly, family-owned place with amazing food. Go enjoy some southern hospitality and big burgers or breakfast at least once while you’re in Fernandina Beach. It’s right next to downtown and only a couple miles from the fort. They are only open til 1 or 2 pm each day and serve breakfast til 10:30. It’s worth it!


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