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EVENT REVIEW: Disco Biscuits Kick Off 3 Nights @ Irving Plaza


The Disco Biscuits kicked off their intimate three-night run in New York last night with a nod to a 1999 set. The band recreated the experience of their Irving Plaza debut, and fans rejoiced as the old school set kept going through the night.

Keyboardist Aron Magner kicked the night off with a little classical piano playing, which someone said was either Beethoven or Bach. Good call there buddy.

That segued in to the Biscuit’s classic “Spaga,” wasting no time before diving in to full-throttle disco mode, complete with mind-melting lights. You could tell the die-hards were in the house as everyone sang along and raged when the jams got going.

Barber (guitar) was absolutely thrashing during the first set, often times over-engaging in his own guitar playing. It isn’t the worst thing, but at times you can see the rest of the band looking over at the guitarist, wearing sunglasses and not paying total attention to his cohorts. It’s no wonder Conspirator plays many more shows than the Biscuits these days.

However, when they are on, it’s hard to argue that there is anything quite like ’em. The energy and pace they bring couples with lasers and lights that got this New York crowd going nuts. By the time the second set came to a close, the ceiling was leaking sweat.

The Biscuits will continue their three-night run tonight at Irving Plaza.


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