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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Envision Envision 2014 | An Experience Worth Manifesting

words by Noelle Mandolfo:

Envision 1
Mario Covic Photography

Mario Covic Photography

So how does Envision stand apart from the ever-evolving list of trendy music festivals that keep pouring into our daily newsfeeds? Well first, branding Envision merely as a music festival gyps recognition of all it’s equal counterparts. The Bloom Series coins Envision (and a few elite others: as “transformative” with key defining qualities emphasizing: co-creation, sacred ceremony and ritual, conscious intention, sustainability, New Paradigm workshops, and community. Which means although the music line-up is exemplary, there is so much more productive, progressive activity to partake in that it becomes just the cherry-on-top to an already mind-altering, conscious-shifting experience. Spoken-word workshops, yoga and meditation practices, live painting with an array of Visionary Artists, and epic physical art installations surround the festival in a sacred shared space, creating a mythical playground of growth and inspiration. And that’s where the magic lies – in between muddy toes, clay-crusted laugh lines and unified deep breathes.

Envision 2

Justin Brothers, Envision Event Producer, is eager for this time around, “2014 is going to be an exceptional year for Envision as a whole. New venue, dialed team and more eclectic lineup than ever. The amount of experience and preparation that is going into this year is more than we’ve ever seen.” It’s words like these send butterflies swarming.

2014 Preview

Envision 2014 Preview by Smash LeFunk from Envision Festival on Vimeo.

Okay, so you’re convinced. Now what are the next steps that need to be taken to manifest this experience? The festival speaks for itself: “envision” opening your heart this spring and embark on a transformational journey of your own. For tickets, videos, volunteering, shuttle and tent-rental and anything else you would need to make this happen, check out the ENVISION WEBSITE.


Bonus: DubEra edited together the 2013 Preview if you wanna check that out too!

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