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At a festival as large as Firefly, which has grown to 90,000 people this year, and a festival that lasts for 4 days, it is CRUCIAL that you run through the festival with a strong crew. You need friends and supporters to keep you moving through the day and get you hyped on your favorite acts. Because at the end of the day, hype girls and rage partners are important.

We found some groups of friends this weekend that epitomizes squad goals; #SquadGoals if you will. What does that mean? Well the internet defines squad as: Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity. Spot on. And these #SquadGoals are the ideal group of people you want to roll with.

Squads come in all different shapes and sizes. Some wear matching outfits, some have amazing totems and rage sticks you can pick out from a crowd from a field away. Some are even just homies that share the same love for a musician or artist.

Either way, music is better when you share it together!

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