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Hulaween Preview: 5 Freaky Ways to Spook Your Campsite

This is Pimp Your Campsite: Hulaween Edition.

The Suwannee is no ordinary campground. People are always pimping out their campsites with tapestries, hammocks and other decorations, so I’m stoked to see what everyone has in store for Hulaween this year. To help you get thinking in the right direction, we’ve put together five freaky campsite decoration ideas:

1. Hanging Balloon Ghosts

Brittni Melhof |

The easiest way to give your campsite a little Halloween flare is by hanging balloon ghosts by the many tree branches the Suwannee has to offer. The DIY Network has great step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

2. Hanging Paper Bats

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart |

Considering the Suwannee is home to the world’s largest bat house, hanging paper bats couldn’t be more fitting. Plus, they’ll look perfect hangin’ out with the balloon ghosts. Because it wouldn’t be a DIY project without Martha Stewart, check out her website for super simple instructions. **Side note: You can bling out your bats by using some glitter**

3.  Spirit Jugs

Photo Credit: Spoonful |

Save your milk jugs, people! These ghostly lanterns are perfect to keep your campsite lit up after the sun goes down. Just wash out your empty drink containers and draw different expressions on each of them, or get real creative and  make up your own illustrations. #hulaweenpumpkin 2.0? The picture shows Christmas lights stuffed inside each one, but since we’ll be without outlets, crack a few glow sticks and you’ll be good to go.

4. Evil Eyes

Photo Credit: Bright Side Crafts |

As a matter of fact, save your toilet paper rolls, too. Put these creepy little guys in the bushes around your campsite. All you need is a few toilet paper rolls, scissors, wax paper, duct tape and different colored glow sticks. Check out Bright Side Crafts for an easy step-by-step.

5. Voodoo Tapestry

Photo Credit: Manuel Salas |

If you didn’t already know, the theme for Hulaween this year is good ol’ Voodoo. If the Pumpkin Carving submissions are any indication, we’ve got some crazy artistic Hulaween fans out there. Let your creative juices flow by creating your own Voodoo-inspired tapestry to hang up at your campsite.

Tickets for Suwannee Hulaween are still on sale right here. Don’t get stuck paying more at the gate!

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