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Hulaween Preview: 7 Funky Costume Ideas for You and Your Crew

Forget the Halloween candy this year because we’re getting cheese…and lots of it.  I can’t imagine a better place than the Suwannee to celebrate Halloween. With the costumes and visual art installations, not to mention the insane lineup of music, Suwannee Hulaween will definitely be one for the books.

Speaking of costumes, you know the Suwannee will be crawling with some of the most ridiculous costumes out there, so it’s never too early to start planning what you want to be. To help you get those creative juices flowing, we have come up with some funky Hulaween costume ideas for you, you and a friend, or your whole campsite.

1. Grateful Dead Dancing Bears

grateful dead bears

Photo credit: Sunshine Daydream |

You really can’t go wrong with the Grateful Dead Dancing Bears. Sunshine Daydream has these full body costumes for girls, boys and kids, but if you’re not trying to spend a lot of money, you can easily make your own rendition at home.

Girls, just get a cheap pair of brightly colored tights and look for a simple long-sleeved dress to match, like this from F21. Buy some felt in a different color than the dress, cut and and glue it along the bottom, sleeves, and collar.

Boys, look for a pair of navy blue sweatpants and matching sweatshirt, cut and glue yellow felt to the collar and you’re good to go. The hat may be a tad more difficult to make yourself, but thankfully you can get them individually for only $25.

2. Jellyfish


What better way to pay tribute to String Cheese than by dressing up as a jellyfish!? Mad props to our very own Katrina and Meg for giving us the inspiration for this costume! Decorate an umbrella with sheer iridescent jelly-like fabric on the top and cut strips to hang down for tentacles. You can use puffy paint to decorate the top and throw on some glow sticks the night of. For the skirts, use some of the same material as the umbrella and also some ocean-themed colors to match. Cut strips of fabric and sew (or glue) them to a band that fits around your waist and voilà!–you’re a jellyfish!

3. The Solar System

solar system

I love the idea of getting galactic for Halloween and these girls have the right idea by doing it yourself. You can easily create your own planets with felt and glue them onto a cheap dress or skirt, like the first picture; or, like the second picture, buy some fabric to make a cape and glue them onto that instead. Depending on your crafting capabilities you could paint them on, too.

For your head, buy a cheap black headband and wrap a few pipe cleaners around it. Cut out yellow felt stars and glue them to the end of the pipe cleaners. The BlackMilk Galaxy Leggings could be a cool finishing touch, too. And if you’re trying to get real creative, you can come up with some ideas so that each person in your crew could be their own planet in the solar system.

4. Harry Potter Cast


Photo credit: deviantART |

So these costumes are super legit, but you can easily make  your own versions at home. Clearly, it’s easy to get your whole crew involved, the characters are seemingly endless. Here are some awesome tips at how to make your own costumes. Goodwill and other thrift shops will be your best friend when trying to do something like this. Oh, and ladies, BlackMilk has a new Hogwarts Collection…just sayin’.

5. Wu-Tang Karate Klan Ninjas


Photo credit: Sprouting 56 |

You might want to carry around a flashlight in your pocket for this one. Ninjas are easy and fun, and a great excuse to dance like a goon and practice your cartwheels and spin-kicks. Here is a great tutorial on how to make a great karate costume and mask.

6. Alice in Wonderland

fall 2008 119

Photo credit: Ador by Melissa |

Since we’ll literally be walking around in our very own Wonderland this Halloween, Alice in Wonderland-themed costumes couldn’t be more perfect. There are so many distinct characters, get creative and have your whole campsite join in.

7. The Lonely Hearts Club Band


Photo credit: Costume Gallery, LLC |

Because you’d be the flyest festies in the forest if you were wearing these. You can order these legit costumes from the Costume Gallery or get real crafty and make your own. Again, Goodwill and thrift stores will be your best friend if that’s the route you choose to go. JoAnn’s will have the gold embroidery and before you know it, you’ll be a member of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

And for those that may not feel comfortable prancing around in florescent, gold embroidered tuxedos, this may be an option for you. The black skinny ties are really the key.


Photo credit: Funcheap San Francisco |


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