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Hulaween Preview: Tampa’s Displace Prepares For Their Biggest Gig Yet! [Interview]


Tampa’s Displace is excited to play Hulaween, and how could they not be? The Florida jam outfit has been steady grinding for three years now, and to appear on the same bill as String Cheese Incident, Primus, Lettuce, and so many others must be a real breathe of fresh air for them.

Displace plays at 11:15pm on the Campground Stage, but before they could do that they we caught up with them to ask some questions about Suwannee, Hulaween, and getting ready for your biggest gig yet.

Displace is…

Vinny Svoboda (Bass), Sam Dobkin (Lead Guitar), Chris Sgammato (Lead vocals, Saxophone, Keyboard, Guitar), Tucker Sody (Drums)


Who are YOU most looking forward to see at Hulaween?

Vinny: Primus for sure.

Sam: Lettuce! I’ve been learning a lot from studying their music lately.

Chris: Every band on the lineup that has ever played Bear Creek.

Tucker: Lettuce and Primus.

What is it about the Suwannee that makes performing special?

Vinny: No matter what the lineup is, I feel an overwhelming sense of positivity both on and off stage.

Sam: Every time I go to the Suwannee, it’s a unique experience. Many of these experiences have been very powerful, and I feel like I forge a greater connection with it each time. Over the years, it’s like more and more of my spirit has merged with those trees, to the point that I get hit with a wave of nostalgia every time I arrive. So naturally, playing there is magical!

Chris: The venue has a magical vibe that pulls some truly special moments out of its performers.

Tucker: The feeling that so many people (myself included) have and will call the park “home.” To be able to play in such an intimate place to so many is an honor.

What’s the best set you’ve ever seen at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park?

Vinny: Steel Pulse when they played Blackwater 2014.

Sam: Very tough question, but the first answer that springs to mind is the Trey Anastasio Band set from Bear Creek 2011.

Chris: Hands down, Medeski Martin & Wood at Bear Creek 2011.

Tucker: Medeski, Martin and Wood 11/11/11 (Bear Creek)

Why is Hulaween a landmark billing for you as a musician?

Vinny: Years ago, I would have never imagined sharing a spot on the same lineup with bands like Primus and String Cheese.

Sam: It’s been perhaps the most inspirational and game-changing venue for me as a fan, so that becomes amplified as a musician.

Chris: Because it’s at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, which is easily the best music festival site in the southeast U.S.

Tucker: Take that, high school guidance counselor!

If you could see any band play the Suwannee, who would it be?

Vinny: That’s a tough one. Been in an R&B mood as of late so I’m going to have to go with Erykah Badu.

Sam: I’d love to see the Dave Matthews Band get out of their element and get influenced by some of the things the Suwannee has to offer.

Chris: Brand New.

Tucker: Phish, duh.


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