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INTERVIEW: Greenhouse Lounge Talks Suwannee Hulaween


Greenhouse Lounge has been having a great 2014. They’ve played shows all over the country and just put out one of their best works to date, Release. The trio looks forward to continuing their string of memorable Suwannee gigs with a slot on this year’s Suwannee Hulaween.

In anticipation of the weekend, Dave McSweeney took the time to update us on Greenhouse Lounge and talk about what he’s looking forward to at Hulaween this year.

Hey Dave, what’s up!? What’s been happening in Greenhouse Lounge world?

We had a great summer with Festivals and shows from Miami to Boston. Recently we welcomed back Ray Felts on the drums and we couldn’t be happier or more focused on the music. Needless to say things are great!

The Other Side came out on Grooveshark recently. Take us through the process of making the EP, and it’s eventual release on Grooveshark.

It’s been great to work with Grooveshark, we shot a video for “Release” back in May and have The Other Side streaming right now on

We recorded the EP at home in Jax, we did the tracking with our friend Mac at MMP in downtown Jax. Zach mixed everything down in his home studio and we had Paul Lapinski master it. The EP consists of four songs and covers four different sides of the band with house, hip hop, downtempo, and a drum & bass banger to finish out.

We are doing a full release with iTunes and Amazon along with other online distributors Tuesday October 28th. Perfect timing for Hula!

You guys have been touring a bunch this year. Have you guys ever toured more consistently?

We get busier every year, it’s been a great year as I stated before. Already looking forward to what new places 2015 will bring. We’ve already got some stellar events in the works and CO is overdue so look out for that…

We have Hulaween coming up! Who and what are you stoked to see?

We excited for the weekend overall, great music not be missed from Thursday-Sunday.

I do know that a little bird told me NOT to miss Thursday… Jus sayin’…

We weren’t at Hula last year so we are all looking forward to seeing the already incredible Suwannee campgrounds transformed into even more of a magical place. We are just excited to be a part of this amazing weekend with some of the most talented acts in the scene today.

What have you been listening to lately?

FlyLo just dropped some new heat “You’re Dead” so there’s that. Flume, Chet Faker, Prince has a new album…Snarky Puppy is always on rotation for me and a throwback I’ve enjoyed lately is VVT2 (VitalTechTones), Milt&Trane, and recently been diggin’ on RATM Woodstock 99, one of the rowdiest shows of all time….As you can see I’ve been all over the place musically, it’s always good to keep it up with the new stuff and appreciate the throwbacks too!

Anything else to add?

We’re dropping our NEW Grassroots Hat at Hula so drop by The GRC Tent and check it out!



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