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Kansrocksas Got Cancelled & I’m Going To Vent About It

Let me start this by saying I wasn’t planning on attending this festival, so I’m not actually angry that it was cancelled at all. However I do have my fellow festival-goer’s backs and I have to get some thoughts out.

Moonrise was cancelled last week and now Kansrocksas was cancelled. Moonrise said they were unable to get a permit (I believe them because the event goes through the night and that’s a sticky legal situation) but Kansrocksas was cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales. One month before it was supposed to happen.

My question is, how much of an egomaniac does this promoter have to be to do this? If you aren’t selling tickets with a lineup like this, how are you just going to cancel the event? Without any real promotional tactic at that? I mean, I work in this business. It is literally my job to keep tabs on shit like this, and Kansrocksas did nothing except provide a stellar lineup, but in the middle of NOWHERE, USA (sorry Kansans).

Like I said, this isn’t really affecting me, but it does affect the people who I do this for. The thousands of people who did purchase tickets, airfare, called off work, etc. to have the time of their lives are now FUCKED because some dimwit thought he could cash in on the festival craze and it backfired completely. Moral of the story is know what the hell you’re getting in to before you piss off a bunch of music lovers, or we might smother you with peace and love until you are out of a job yourself.



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