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MindSpring Festival Preview: 2 Nights of Fun in St. Augustine [April 15-16]

mindspring lineup

Florida has been providing a lot of good live music lately. St. Augustine particularly has been hosting it’s fair share of fun events. MindSpring Music Festival will be held this weekend at the St. John’s County Fairgrounds in St. Augustine, FL. The festival is offering 2 days of diverse music. Over 60 bands and MCs so there will be no shortage of options throughout the day. It’s interesting to see bands like Passafire, Soliloquist of Sound, and Archnemesis all playing the same event. You definitely won’t get bored of any single type of music. Gather up your friends for a music filled weekend in historic St. Augustine. Check out the full schedule and ticket links below. $40 for two days of music! No complaints there! Camping is also available for an additional $5 if that’s more your style.

mindspring festival schedule


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